The information in tabular format shows the lotto results. It displays 12 results with pagination and summary option at the bottom. The order of the results is displayed from latest to oldest. The colour combination used in the results helps to visualise the number pattern. Numbers that occur in the sequence are also highlighted.
Date Day #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 S1 S2 Even Odd Low High Sum
29 Mar 23 Wed ϛʹ ιβʹ ιϛʹ λθʹ μʹ μαʹ ιζʹ ιθʹ δʹ βʹ γʹ γʹ 154
27 Mar 23 Mon ιʹ ιδʹ ιεʹ κθʹ λγʹ μʹ αʹ ιαʹ γʹ γʹ γʹ γʹ 141
25 Mar 23 Sat ηʹ θʹ ιʹ ιδʹ λθʹ μβʹ ιβʹ λαʹ δʹ βʹ δʹ βʹ 122
22 Mar 23 Wed ιαʹ ιϛʹ κδʹ ληʹ μʹ μαʹ ϛʹ καʹ δʹ βʹ βʹ δʹ 170
20 Mar 23 Mon ζʹ ιδʹ ιϛʹ καʹ μαʹ μγʹ εʹ λαʹ βʹ δʹ δʹ βʹ 142
18 Mar 23 Sat αʹ ϛʹ ιεʹ καʹ μγʹ μδʹ λδʹ μβʹ βʹ δʹ δʹ βʹ 130
15 Mar 23 Wed ιʹ ιεʹ ιηʹ λγʹ λεʹ μεʹ ιζʹ κβʹ βʹ δʹ γʹ γʹ 156
13 Mar 23 Mon δʹ ιηʹ κθʹ λεʹ μδʹ μεʹ ιʹ λβʹ γʹ γʹ βʹ δʹ 175
11 Mar 23 Sat αʹ δʹ θʹ ιʹ κθʹ μβʹ ζʹ ιζʹ γʹ γʹ δʹ βʹ 95
08 Mar 23 Wed εʹ καʹ λζʹ ληʹ μαʹ μεʹ κʹ κγʹ αʹ εʹ βʹ δʹ 187
06 Mar 23 Mon ζʹ θʹ ιεʹ κʹ κδʹ λθʹ εʹ ιʹ βʹ δʹ δʹ βʹ 114
04 Mar 23 Sat αʹ θʹ ιγʹ λβʹ λγʹ λδʹ ηʹ ιεʹ βʹ δʹ γʹ γʹ 122