The information in tabular format shows the lotto results. It displays 12 results with pagination and summary option at the bottom. The order of the results is displayed from latest to oldest. The colour combination used in the results helps to visualise the number pattern. Numbers that occur in the sequence are also highlighted.
Date #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 S1 S2 Even Odd Low High Sum
24 Mar 23 αʹ βʹ δʹ λεʹ λζʹ μαʹ μγʹ ϛʹ καʹ βʹ εʹ γʹ δʹ 163
23 Mar 23 δʹ εʹ ιζʹ κδʹ λδʹ ληʹ μʹ λζʹ λθʹ εʹ βʹ γʹ δʹ 162
22 Mar 23 αʹ θʹ ιβʹ ιδʹ λϛʹ μγʹ μδʹ λβʹ λεʹ δʹ γʹ δʹ γʹ 159
21 Mar 23 ϛʹ θʹ ιβʹ κʹ λʹ λεʹ λθʹ ιδʹ λδʹ δʹ γʹ δʹ γʹ 151
20 Mar 23 αʹ γʹ ιγʹ ιεʹ κγʹ κδʹ μʹ ιζʹ κβʹ βʹ εʹ δʹ γʹ 119
19 Mar 23 ϛʹ κʹ κβʹ κηʹ λαʹ λϛʹ λθʹ λβʹ λζʹ εʹ βʹ γʹ δʹ 182
18 Mar 23 ηʹ ιδʹ ιθʹ κθʹ λδʹ ληʹ μγʹ κγʹ κϛʹ δʹ γʹ γʹ δʹ 185
17 Mar 23 ιζʹ ιηʹ κʹ καʹ λγʹ λζʹ μʹ κεʹ κθʹ γʹ δʹ δʹ γʹ 186
16 Mar 23 βʹ γʹ ιδʹ ιθʹ κζʹ λʹ μδʹ λδʹ λζʹ δʹ γʹ δʹ γʹ 139
15 Mar 23 βʹ γʹ ζʹ ιεʹ κʹ λγʹ μʹ ιʹ ιαʹ γʹ δʹ εʹ βʹ 120
14 Mar 23 ιηʹ κʹ κγʹ κδʹ λβʹ λδʹ μβʹ ηʹ μʹ ϛʹ αʹ βʹ εʹ 193
13 Mar 23 ηʹ θʹ ιʹ ιδʹ κδʹ ληʹ μαʹ λγʹ μʹ εʹ βʹ δʹ γʹ 144